This page talks about the family

What is the family?

Main Message: The family is an institution set up by God.

Reviewing who I am in the family

Main Message: The family is made up of individuals who have come together according to God’s Divine Plan

Role in the family

Main Message: Every member has an important part to play to ensure the growth of the family according to God’s design.

Expectations of the Family and the Provision of Support

Main Message: The family should work together so that no one is left behind; the support provided by members of a family promotes a sense of belonging.

Celebrating happy times

Main Message: It is important for successes and happy times to be celebrated as a family, while maintaining focus on God

Dealing with Conflicts and Hardships

Main Message: It is the Lord Who Provides the Strength to go through times of hardship and resolve conflicts

Keeping the family Holy

Main Message: The family as part of a bigger Church will be presented blameless on the Day Christ returns

The role of family devotions

Main Message: Family devotions provide an opportunity to brings problems before God in agreement, as a unit

The family alter

Main message: Every family needs an alter where Jesus Christ is the absolute and central figure of the alter. There each member of the family goes to know Jesus Christ personally.