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This is the current logo and colours of the Presbytery Church of Ghana Choirs’ Union
(PCGCU). As displayed, at the apex of the triangle is the Church’s logo, which shows our
association with the mother Church. Below the Church logo is a staff notation with “Sing
Praises” which is the greeting of the Union. The outer circle bears the name of our Church,
“Presbyterian Church of Ghana” at the top with “Choirs’ Union” at the bottom.


The name “Presbyterian Church of Ghana Choirs’ Union” (PCGCU) represents the National
Union hence it comes first before your Presbytery or District. For us in Europe, the correct
name to be used is “Presbyterian Church of Ghana Choirs’ Union – Europe Presbytery”.
The greeting “SING PRAISES” goes for every chorister. The full greetings or salutation to be
taken at a go, for the Church Choir is as follows:

Greeting                                         Response
SING ……………….                             PRAISES
SING PRAISES ………………               TO GOD

The staff notation indicates that we are a singing group or a musically oriented associated in
the Church.


The Choir is a service/intergenerational group in the congregations which serve as a channel
for individual members to exercise their gifts and talents to enhance the life of the Church.
The vision of the Choir in Europe is to bring all Choirs within the Presbytery under one
umbrella, which is the PCGCU – Europe Presbytery, to promote unity and encourage
uniformity and brotherhood among all such choirs.

  • To help raise the standard of singing in all congregations within Europe.
  • To foster greater interest and energy in Church Worship and thereby serve as a medium of winning souls for Christ in Europe.
  • To foster harmony between the PCGCU Europe Presbytery and other denomination Choirs
  • To develop the devotional life of Choristers in Europe
  • To glorify God with our hearts and voices


Our main activities are as follows:

  • Learn and sing hymns and anthems
  • Organise training, seminars and workshops for members
  • Organise prayer meetings and prayers for the group
  • Annual delegates’ conferences and music festivals and carols programmes



At the 2nd Europe Presbytery Session held in Frankfurt, Germany from 29th March to 4 th April 2016, each group was tasked with the formation, election and inauguration of the group at the Presbytery Level.

The PCGCU Europe Presbytery had its first ever delegates’ conference and inauguration from October 20th – 22nd 2017, at Amsterdam – Netherlands/Belgium District.

The union consisted of six districts, namely, Germany, North Germany, Netherlands/Belgium, Italy/Spain, North London and South London Districts. The union elected its first executives to lead the group for the next three years during the conference

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