The Vision of the Church is “to be a Christ-centred, self-sustaining and growing Church”


The Mission of the Church is “to uphold the centrality of the Word of God and, through the enablement of the Holy Spirit, pursue a holistic ministry so as to bring all of creation to glorify God”.

These shall be achieved by;

  1. mobilizing the entire Church for prayer;
  2. improving Church growth through evangelism and nurture;
  3. attaining self-sufficiency through effective resource mobilization.
  4. promoting socio-economic development through advocacy and effective delivery of social services;
  5. upholding the reformed tradition;
  6. cherishing partnership with the worldwide body of Christ

Core values

TheseĀ  are the core values of the Church which shall not be compromised by any individual or group of individuals in the pursuit of their ambition:

  1. godly leadership;
  2. mentoring and discipleship;
  3. discipline;
  4. sound moral principles;
  5. integrity;
  6. skills development;
  7. hard work;
  8. humility;
  9. unity; and
  10. upholding democratic principles.

Chairperson of the Europe Presbytery of PCG

Rev. Prof. Abamfo Ofori Atiemo

Clerk of the Europe Presbytery of PCG

Rev. Emmanuel Omari

Presbytery Lay Rep to GAC

Mad. Gifty Schubert

Global Presbyterian Worship Centre


Missions to the world. The simplicity of the Gospel and discipleship


Missions to the world. The simplicity of the Gospel and discipleship

Let us reach the world

You can start a branch of GPWC by taking the course.

Go ye and make disciples

Making disciples of Jesus Christ

Presby News

10 Years of reaching out and serving Europe

This will be 10 years of serving PCG in Europe and reaching out to Europe one step at a time

Presbytery Journal

Upcoming Events

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History of the Europe Presbytery

PCG Europe Presbytery

by | 21 Mar, 2023

PCG Europe Presbytery

by | Mar 21, 2023

Gallery of recent events

Working hours

M-F: 8am – 3:30pm


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