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Why bother about other people's religion

Main Message: It is important for Christians to have adequate knowledge about the different religions and viewpoints about religion;

Where have the religions come from?

Main Message: The Gospel of Jesus Christ is unique among all the messages of the religions. It is a direct special revelation by which alone anybody, anywhere may find their way back to God. The other religious traditions lead people to a level of righteousness, but complete salvation comes only through Jesus Christ.

Relating to people of other religions

Main Message: The Christian message is unapologetically grounded in the teaching that there is only “one God and one mediator” between God and human beings – the man Jesus Christ (1Timothy 2:5). But neither does this mean isolation from our non-Christian believing neighbours, nor disrespect for them.


Main Message: Community views of prosperity can be changed by Christian.

Giving to Charity

Main Message: Giving to support those in need is a Christian Duty.